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Reservations for shows, restaurants, tours, etc

The hotel will book shows, restaurants, excursions and exhibitions for you. We offer the following excursion formulas: On foot, bicycle, car/van/bus, boat or air. Ask at the front desk for details.

Massage concept
Near the Relais des Halles, rue de la grande truanderie (a 2-min walk), why not discover the best professional massage parlor in Paris, which has...
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Our priority? Protect you!
This establishment is cleaned and disinfected with the ecological VAPODIL Dry Steam Cleaning solution, AFNOR / NF T72-110 certified, for its bacterici...
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Public Parking
Close to the hotel at 43 boulevard de Sebastopol, 75001 Paris, there is a public parking facility manned 24 hours a day. For the rate,...
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FREE WiFi and ADSL Internet access
The hotel provides free Wifi access throughout the premises. An Ethernet outlet is available in each room; a cable is available at the front desk....
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Same-day laundry and dry cleaning
The hotel provides same-day laundry service. Give us your clothes before 10:00 a.m. and pick them up after 7:00 p.m. Ask at the front desk...
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Newspapers, magazines and a library available
The hotel provides the national and international daily press, with Le figaro, the new york times but also an excessive set of newspapers and digital...
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